Medieval-a-thon 2022 & May TBR

It is time yet again for one of my favorite read-a-thons! I don’t normally participate in many read-a-thons because I find it difficult to stick to a set reading list. However, I am so far behind on reading ARC’s and other books that I really want to get to that I feel like I need the structure of a read-a-thon to push through them and meet my goals. Enter the Medieval-a-thon hosted by Holly Hearts Books on Youtube! You can watch the announcement video here.

Read-a-thon Information:

Dates: May 1 – May 31

Host: Holly Hearts Books

Theme: Medieval, Fantasy (however any genre of book may be read for the prompts)


  1. Read as many or as few books as you like.
  2. Rank up as you read more books.
  3. Pick a class/profession for prompts to follow.
  4. Read prompts in order from Level 1 through Level 5.
  5. If you finish one profession, you can choose another profession for a companion character.
  6. HAVE FUN!!

Resources & Links:

My Character:

I decided to be extra this year and create a character for Medieval-a-thon. I used a free character creator on Picrew. I decided to go with the Clergy profession for my main character, hence the halo. I still need to come up with a name, though.

Image created using Picrew

My Profession:

I chose the Clergy profession because most of the prompts matched books I have ARC’s for that I really need to read. There is at least one book on the list that is just a book I’ve been meaning to read, but the emphasis is on ARC’s.

Clergy Profession image courtesy of Holly Hearts Books

Book List:

My Companion’s Profession:

If I finish all of my main profession’s book prompts, then I plan to continue moving up the ranks by created a companion character. I decided on Tailor/Seamstress for my companion’s profession. After all, if I’m going for the Empress rank, I’m going to have to look good right?

Tailor/Seamstress Profession image courtesy of Holly Hearts Books

Book List:

Character Ranking:

If all goes well, I plan to achieve the character rank of Empress during Medieval-a-thon. I did manage that the last time I participated a few years ago, so I think it’s possible. It helps that there aren’t any major video games coming out in May to distract me from reading!

Image courtesy of Holly Hearts Books

Do you plan to participate in any read-a-thons this year? Are you participating in Medieval-a-thon? Let me know in the comments below!

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